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List of articles tagged with a tag: biodiversity

Main concept

  The fundamental methodological concept around which MARBEFES is arranged is that biodiversity is connected across space and time, so to fully understand it and its value, we must move past siloed thinking that separates the natural world into...

Overall objectives

  The  overall  aim  of  MARBEFES  is to determine the links between biodiversity, ecosystem functioning and the resulting ecosystem services and societal goods and benefits  and to achieve ecological and socio-eco...

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Article in Miesięcznik Nowe Życie

  About biodiversity and Marbefes projest intself! Once again Jan Marcin Węsławski especially for Miesięcznik Dzikie Życie
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Joint event MARBEFES & BIOcean5D - BioBlitz & Ocean of Changes

The first from the four planned MARBEFES BioBlitz actions was organized at the Baltic sea shore in Sopot, Poland. The key idea is to find coastal site that is accessible and known for the wide public – ideally a public park at the seaside. This...


This is the first MARBEFES newsletter ISSUE 1 entitled 
Linking marine biodiversity to economic and cultural valuation 
releasead December 2023. ...