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BioBlitz - is a special event, where biologists are gathered in one place accessible to the public to identify as many as possible species within 24 hours. This is both important scientific data collected by professionals and a public event that shows how rich is the biodiversity even in the most trivial sites. Important observation is how many specialists one needs to identify all aorganisms - from uni cellular algae to bats and fish. No one knows all the species. Within MARBEFES project we wants to organise such events in all of the four regions - Sopot (June 2023, Tromso June 2024, Dublin 2025 and Sardinia 2025). The first from the four planned MARBEFES BioBlitz actions was organized at the Baltic sea shore in Sopot, Poland. The key idea is to find coastal site that is accessible and known for the wide public – ideally a public park at the seaside. This was the case in Sopot with “Park Północny” that covers coastal boreal deciduous forest, wetland, small river, dune, exposed beach and sandy shallows with diversified bottom – stony outcrops, seagrass and mobile sands. Altogether there were 37 scientists from diferent Institutions with diverse scientific backgroud involved in search and identification. 

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Meet the first of four movie about our BBT region witihin the project! First of all welcome to the BBT of the Baltic sea!