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SC meeting in Tromsø, 12-14 March 2024

The SC meeting took place in Tromsø (12-14 March 20024) - the topic of the meeting concerned the implementation of the MARBEFES project, so WP leaders presented the achievements so far and anticipated actions.

The meeting was organized around specific topics to move away from working groups and focus on integration and interaction in BBT and WPs.

Discussed topics:
-Data from steakholders - understanding what MARBEFES is doing whith steakholders and why.
-Co-ordinating the BBTs - the BBTs are feeling overwhelmed with requests for tool testing. Do we need to change the strategy?
-The big picture (WP5 and WP6) - understanding how WP5 will bring the strands of the WP2/WP3/WP4 work together and how that connects with WP6 up/outscaling.
-Promotion, engagement and communication.
-Publications - What is our strategy?
-Consortium integration.

Second and important part of the meeting was devoted to discussing the 1st technical report after the 18th implementation of the project (deadline for the 1st report send to the EU Commission - April 29, 2024). 


Despite the most important topics, we found a little time to integrate with the locals in this beautiful place and take a trip to the reindeer (see the gallery).