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Other projects

MARBEFES MARine Biodiversity and Ecosystem Functioning leading to Ecosystem Services IO PAN, Sopot, Poland (Jan-Marcin Węsławski) www.marbefes.eu 
GES4SEAS Achieving Good Environmental Status for maintaining ecosystem SErvices, by ASsessing integrated impacts of cumulative pressures AZTI, San Sebastian, Spain (Angel Borja) https://www.ges4seas.eu/  
MarinePlan Improved transdisciplinary science for effective ecosystem-based maritime spatial planning and conservation in European Seas Thuenen Inst, Germany (Vanessa Stelzenmüller) https://www.marineplan.eu/ 
Marine SABRES Marine Systems Approaches for Biodiversity Resilience and Ecosystem Sustainability University College Cork, Ireland (Emma Verling) https://www.marei.ie/new-eu-funded-project-marinesabres-strives-to-halt-and-reverse-coastal-and-marine-biodiversity-decline/ 
MPA Europe Optimal locations for a Marine Protected Area network for Europe Nord Universitet, Norway Mark Costello)  
ACTNOW Advancing understanding of Cumulative Impacts on European marine biodiversity, ecosystem functions and services for human wellbeing NIOZ, Den Burg (Texel), the Netherlands (Myron Peck) https://www.nioz.nl/en/news/eu-horizon-europe-funding-for-actnow-project 
CLIMAREST Coastal Climate Resilience and Marine Restoration Tools for the Arctic Atlantic basin SINTEF Ocean (Ida Beathe Øverjordet)  
MSP4BIO  Improved Science-Based Maritime Spatial Planning to Safeguard and Restore Biodiversity in a coherent European MPA network s.Pro - sustainable projects (SPRO), Germany https://msp4bio.eu/ 
Invest4Nature (I4N) The economics of nature-based solutions: cost-benefit analysis, market development and funding Aarhus University (Marianne Zandersen) https://invest4nature.eu/ 
BlueMissionAA Building a coordinated hub to support the mission implementation in the Atlantic and Arctic Basins   http://bluemission.org/ 
BIOcean5D Marine Biodiversity Assessment and Prediction Across Spacial (sic), Temporal and Human Scales EMBL - EUROPEAN MOLECULAR BIOLOGY LABORATORY & CENTRE NATIONAL DE LA RECHERCHE SCIENTIFIQUE CNRS (Roscoff) (Colomban de Vargas) https://lov.imev-mer.fr/web/project/biocean5d/ 
Blue4All   The Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences (RBINS) (Steven Degraer)



Mission Atlantic Studying the complexity of Atlantic Ocean ecosystems, maritime culture, traditions and sustainable management DTU Aqua, Denmark (Patrizio Mariani) https://missionatlantic.eu/ 
Blue Mission BANOS Blue Mission BANOS – supporting the Mission Ocean Lighthouse in the Baltic and North Sea basins SUBMARINER Network for Blue Growth EEIG (Angela Schultz-Zehden) https://bluemissionbanos.eu/
PREP4BLUE Co-creating and co-implementing the research and innovation required to achieve Mission Restore our Ocean and Waters by 2030 Institut français de recherche pour l'exploitation de la mer (Ifremer) (Natalia Martin Palenzuela) https://www.prep4blue.eu/