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Supporting Ocean Literacy: “I live by the Sea” International Youth Photo and Film Contest

The “I live by the Sea” exhibition of the best photos, videos and stories by international young artists has been launched in Cretaquarium in Crete with our partner, HCMR, and will last until at least 14th July.

This competition is more than just a contest—it's a platform for ocean lovers worldwide to connect, share, and learn. MARBEFES is supporting Ocean Literacy efforts, as we believe that educating people about the importance and beauty of marine environments is key to creating positive attitudes towards the sea.

Young artists could use any type of visual arts to present a story of "their sea," with categories in Photo, Film, and Story.  This year, 115 participants from 9 countries (Gibraltar, Italy, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, USA and Vietnam) took part in the competition. All submissions will be reviewed by a panel of international judges, including experts from various art and science areas. 

We thank all the participants and encourage everyone to see the exhibition. For the results, please see the website of the organisers, Today We Have: https://todaywehave.com/results-i-live-by-the-sea-contest-2024/, while more information and history of the contest are linked here: https://todaywehave.com/CONTEST/