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INES 2024 - third edition of school involving our project!

International School on INtegrated Environmental Studies in the Arctic (INES) with respect to climate changes, third edition: FROM ARCTIC TO ONE OCEAN, Why is the Arctic so important for our planet? is a pre-registered event whcich will be held at the Institute of Oceanology PAN in Poland from 23 to 27 September 2024. 

The main goal of the School is to facilitate international and interdisciplinary cooperation in studies on climate and ocean processes in shaping the future environment  with special attention to the Arctic natural environment and both local and global societies.

We except that participants of the International School on Integrated Environmental Studies in the Arctic will understand the need for interdisciplinary scientific approach to discuss issues connected to the both, climate changes and ocean roles as a wider perspective of numerous interactions related to mentioned elements of earth’s system in polar regions. The school is dedicated for students, PhD Candidates and PhD Students.

The 5-day program will cover a wide range of disciplines: climatology, atmospheric and marine chemistry, biology and physics, cryosphere, studies of marine ecosystems in the Arctic and its socio-economic development. One day is fullu dedicated to biodiversity and MARBEFES project!

Each day of on-side day we will provide 2 or 3 lectures (each 60’ long) and dedicated practical classes on board of r/v Oceania, ship belonged to the Institute of Oceanology PAN (all day cruise) where you will be working in small teams with real instruments with guidance from eminent scientists and group mentors, on interdisciplinary projects.


There is fee of 150 € for participants on-side!
We have a limit participation on-side, only 30! 

Registration ENDs 2024-07-26 23:59 CET!

Explore our school HERE!


This is an event organized by IOPAN, University of Milano-Bicocca and AWI.