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WP1 - Stakeholder Involvement and Governance Rules

WP1 HuFoSS Stakeholder Involvement and Governance Rules 1 48

WP1 will inventory views of stakeholders, policy and management organisations regarding

1) perceptions on the social ecological systems of the BBT they are connected to,

2) their present needs and future requirements for tools and measures to optimize use and management of marine areas and safeguard a healthy marine ecosystem and its biodiversity, and

3) acting rules and regulations touching upon the ecology, biodiversity and ecosystem services in the marine zones of the BBTs, with an emphasis on Marine Protected Areas.

Moreover, to allow for co-design by stakeholders during the entire project they are invited to contribute to all actions, and to test and evaluate results and outcomes of WPs and Tasks during the lifetime of the project. To this end, in cooperation with all WPs, workshops will be organized to inform and engage stakeholders. The outputs will be sets of recommendations by stakeholders to strengthen the impact of results from other WPs. 

In an iterative process, views of stakeholders will be inventoried following harmonized interview protocols based on stakeholder scoping meetings and workshops from start till end of the project. 

Task 1.1: Stakeholder Involvement and Co-design 
Task 1.2: Regulatory framework for policy and management 
Activity 1.2.a. Rules and Regulations in BBTs
Activity 1.2.b. Stakeholder feedback on operationality of rules in BBTs and MPAs
Activity 1.2.c. Stakeholder feedback on upscaling and wider application of tools and solutions for policy and management