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GA & SB Meeting in Klaipeda

That was three busy days for us! In the period August 29-31 at Klaipėda University, Marine Research Institute we were held 2nd General Assembly and the Steering Board meeting. In general the first day is a meeting of the leaders of individual WPs, EU Officers and GA, while second and third day were more open for general assembly, devoted to disscussion on specific tasks and activities in WP3, WP4 and WP5. 

The meeting was opened by the Project General Coordinator Jan Marcin Węsławski (IO PAN) and Director of the Marine Research Institute Zita Rasuole Gasiūnaitė (KU – host) and the agenda has been adopted.

MARBEFES vision – the project goals and expected results - was presented by Project Scientific Manger (PSM) Julie Bremner (CEFAS). Afterwards, presentations of the work progress in WPs 1-6 were given by each WP leader (WPL). 


Some general marks and conclusions: 

  • GA showed that interactions between WP4&WP5 and WP2 are crucial: guidance is not enough for BBTs to perform evaluations, BBT teams need examples or active support from economists, anthropologists and cultural historians for the economic and cultural valuation.
  • The connections between scenarios, ecosystem/ecological modelling, decision support tools and stakeholders has become clearer. The scenarios will represent possible climate, societal and management futures. High-level future scenarios are selected from the RCP/SSPs.